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  1. CIRCUS DVDs, VIDEO and AUDIO You can email your order to: sales@shop4circus.co.uk
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Great British Circus DOUBLE BILL - 'Spotlight' DVD PLUS 'Thrills & Skills' DVD in a double DVD case for just £15 including FREE P&P.

(Normal price for single DVD is £12.99 plus £1.50 P&P.)

With this offer you get two DVDs for just £15.

See listings below for details of the contents of the two DVDs 'Spotlight' DVD PLUS 'Thrills & Skills'.

Ref: 1-DB
Unit price - £15




THRILLS & SKILLS with the Great British Circus
Playing for 1 hour approx, this is latest visit to Martin Lacey’s Great British Circus, a traditional circus with Elephants, Lions, Tigers, and Horses. The production team were granted unrestricted access to all areas to film anywhere and anything - the animals, the training, the stables - in fact anything that goes on in the ring or behind the scenes. This DVD features an exclusive visit to Circus Krone in Germany to meet other members of the Lacey Family who are big stars in European circuses. Witness Martin Jnr. training his very rare white lions and then hold your breath for the fastest big cage act in any circus ring. Meet Yasmine Smart, a member of the famous Billy Smart family, as she teaches the Friesian Horses the basics, the horse ‘ABC’. Teenage juggler, Ben Coles, demonstrates how to juggle like a pro, and then we take to the air for a thrilling bird’s eye view of the circus. Finally take your ringside seat for highlights of the show as you watch some of the top star performers who have appeared with the Great British Circus over the past two seasons. So Roll up for the most exciting circus experience on DVD!
Ref: 1-1005
Unit price - £12.99
P&P - £1.50



SPOTLIGHT on the Great British Circus
Released in 2008 and playing for for over 55 mins, the DVD follows the circus for a year. Meet the new faces who joined the show during the 2007 season, including the multi- talented Marquez-Howes family plus Nicolino the Clown. Witness the training of the lioness group, the four Black Friesian Stallions in the ring for the first time and the BIG TOP build-up in 2 minutes flat! Featuring fantastic close-up shots of our beautiful animals - tigers, lions, camels, llamas, reindeer, horses.

Ref: 1-1004
Unit price - £12.99
P&P - £1.50