PHONOLINK is a device that solves the perennial problem of how to reproduce and make a recording of cylinders electrically. It is designed to work with Edison phonographs using types B, C, D and K reproducers, although excellent results have been achieved with other makes of vintage phonograph. PHONOLINK simply pushes onto phonograph in place of the original horn, and is connected to a tape recorder, amplifier or computer sound card. 


PHONOLINK is very robust reproducer and unlike some other electrical devices does not involve a complex setting up procedure.

The photo on the left shows PHONOLINK in use on an Edison Gem phonograph. To operate, simply push on the device in place of the original acoustic horn. The phonograph does not have to be adapted in any way, so the integrity and value of the machine is not affected. Installing PHONOLINK takes less than a minute. 

Excellent results can be obtained by using  PHONOLINK in conjunction with a computer - PC or Mac. No BATTERIES OR MAINS POWER required.

"I have tested PHONOLINK on my phonograph and it works remarkably well" Glyn Hughes, Denbighshire, UK.


PHONOLINK is supplied with full instructions and 12 month warranty and full email technical support is included.


PHONOLINK costs 99.50 UK Pounds including Fully Insured and 'Signed For' delivery in UK. 

Shipping to Europe and US please add 12.50.

For further information email: inquiries@phonolink.co.uk


SAMPLE Click on 'SAMPLE' on the left to listen to a sample recording of a 4-minute phonograph cylinder recorded via PHONOLINK. This file may take a few minutes to download on a slow connection.


PHONOLINK is a magnetic device and the transducer is activated by the chamber of air in the neck of the original Edison reproducer, resulting in a matched acoustic impedance. The excellent acoustic properties of the original Edison stylus mechanism are retained and the results are dynamic and pleasing. PHONOLINK is fitted with a standard RCA phono plug (A 3.5mm adapter is included in the box for use with computers and other microphone inputs with mini-jacks.) The output is suitable for connection to a microphone input on computer (PC or Mac), Solid State Recorder, or older formats such as MiniDisc, cassette, reel-to-reel tape or DAT.

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For more information about PHONOLINK email: inquiries@phonolink.co.uk